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Graeme Kirkham Adelaide Commercial Litigation Lawyer for Contract Disputes

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Commercial Disputes may arise in all shapes and sizes. Over three decades, I have acted with success in matters including contract disputes, building disputes, disputes about occupation of premises and even franchise disputes.

Any dispute can be stressful, costly, detract from your normal enjoyment of life and prevent you from reaching goals you may have set for yourself. These costs can therefore be intangible or hidden, but nevertheless they have an impact.

My approach to commercial disputes is to be pragmatic and draw our client’s attention to a costs-versus-benefits analysis of the situation. Sometimes, disputes need to be litigated in the courts, but there are other opportunities – provided the parties are willing – for Alternative Dispute Resolution or ‘ADR’ methods to be adopted. The most common of these is Mediation. ADR has the benefit of getting the parties together at an early stage, perhaps even before the parties become firmly entrenched in their respective positions, enabling early resolution at a lower cost, so that both parties can simply get back to their day-to-day business.

Apart from our initial no-obligation consultation, our costs are charged on the Supreme Court scale. LawCall holds the view that charging on scale is a fair and more cost effective approach than charging on other bases.