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About the LawCall service

LawCall Pro is the professional services arm of LawCall, a division of Kirkham Legal Group Pty Ltd, the Director of which is Graeme Kirkham. Graeme Kirkham is a former managing of a large Victorian provincial legal firm – you can take a look at his LinkedIn profile 

Graeme has built up legal practices and has managed and mentored staff including Articled Clerks and young lawyers. He has practised in Victoria for 24 years and in South Australia since 2009. Confidentiality and privacy are the cornerstones of his values.

What Graeme has come to recognise over the past 30 years is that legal practice is challenging, demanding and stimulating. Legal professionals are not robots and from time to time many firms need help. Employing staff on a short-term basis is time-consuming and expensive. With this in mind LawCall Pro was created.

LawCall Pro comes to your office. Files and clients remain with you at all times. LawCall Pro adds value to your firm and promotes professionalism, too. We offer a wide variety of services.

LawCall File Reviews

  • The file is reviewed
  • A unique checklist is completed
  • Recommendations are made
  • A written strategy for the file going forwards is created and presented

Specific Tasks

  • Statement taking
  • Drawing pleadings
  • Trial Preparation
  • Attending Court
  • Attending site inspections
  • Any other action items identified and required
  • Agency work/Locum services

The benefits of engaging LawCall Pro

Working with LawCall Pro lowers your stress levels while maintaining high levels of client satisfaction. What’s more, because files no longer ‘stall’ they are processed more quickly and billed out regularly, so your cash flow stays healthy.

Extra work should make you smile. If what you are feeling instead is stress, call us at LawCall Pro and start enjoying business again.