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Employers have obligations to employees under various Awards, the National Employment Standards and the Fair Work Act.

Underpayment of wages may be investigated by Fair Work Ombudsman.

Employees may be dismissed in circumstances, which may be harsh, unfair or unreasonable.

What should I do in case of dismissal?

If your employment is terminated, LawCall suggests that you:

  • Do not agree to the termination before seeking our advice.
  • Request the termination in writing.
  • Consult an expert employment lawyer by taking advantage of our no obligation initial consultation. You will be given clear advice about the merits of your claim.
  • Our expert employment lawyer will then guide you through the process and provide valuable information about the process, an initial assessment of the merits of the claim, and submit appropriate documentation to Fair Work Australia.

Please note that strict time limits apply in making an Application for unfair dismissal. The time limit of 21 days runs from when the termination took place, even in cases where only verbal notice was given.