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How to make a WorkCover claim?

What is Workers Compensation/WorkCover?

Workers Compensation – also known as WorkCover – claims arise when you have suffered an injury at work, resulting in loss of wages, incurring of medical treatment expense or a permanent impairment of body function. Perhaps your claim, if lodged, may have been accepted initially and an adverse decision has now been made or the claim may have been rejected.

What needs to be proven?

LawCall can assist, advise and protect your legal interest. Fault does not have to be proven, although if there is fault, then further additional benefits called ‘common law damages’ may apply subject to certain thresholds being met.

It is important to remember that strict time limits apply in relation to lodging a claim or disputing an adverse decision – if you have any doubts or concerns, call me for clarification at your earliest opportunity. I have over 30 years experience, in this area. Our initial no-obligation consultation is free.