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Mobile Legal Service for the Adelaide Hills and Adelaide Metro Area

Success brings its own special challenges and there are any number of situations that can make life hard for legal professionals. Sometimes it’s just an unwieldy file, while often it’s simply a matter of work overload. When the balance is wrong, the result is slow workflow, stress and less time available to do your best work.

LawCall Pro can help.

With over 30 years experience, a reputation for results and a network of connections with top legal professionals, I offer discreet, professional solutions for legal firms.

  • Case overflow management
  • Review and resolution of problem files
  • Taking of statements
  • Drawing of pleadings
  • Court attendances
  • Site inspections
  • Agency work/Locum services

LawCall represents a trusted specialist at your service. You retain your file at all times and both privacy and confidentiality are assured.

Engaging LawCall means less stress for you, continuing service excellence for your clients and uninterrupted cash flow as your business runs smoothly, processing cases, completing and billing files without delay.

LawCall Pro’s areas of expertise include Motor Vehicle Accidents, Public Liability Claims, Medical Negligence Claims, WorkCover and TPD Claims.

Contact us now for more information and get back to doing what you do best.