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Mobile Legal Service for the Adelaide Hills and Adelaide Metro Area

Since 1983 I have been representing clients with a passion to see that people get the best outcome possible. I have achieved this through:

  • Attention to detail
  • Taking the time to understand my clients
  • Accurately assessing, anticipating and countering the responses of the other side
  • Not being intimidated by any perceived unequal power of the other side

Over the years I have gained immense satisfaction in helping hundreds of people achieve resolution of their matter. I come from a family of hard workers. My father was a builder and my mother – when not looking after us naughty kids – worked in businesses including the local market and travel agency. I was inspired to take up Law by an exceptional legal studies teacher at school. I funded my university studies by working jobs at night and during semester breaks; in a pie factory, a fodder store lugging bags of grain and in a foundry making plumbing fixtures.

I have lived in capital cities and provincial areas alike. I currently live in the Adelaide Hills with my family. My work travel takes me all around the Adelaide Hills, through the southern suburbs, the eastern suburbs and up to Salisbury. I have also enjoyed doing voluntary work in the past with Rotary and more recently as a driver with Hills Community Transport, taking residents to medical appointments and other engagements.

I believe my upbringing, work ethics and community involvement have enabled me to relate to and communicate well with my clients in areas of law and matters which can be complex and stressful.

In my years of practice, I have learned a lot from my clients and their needs and with this in mind I have structured my business so that it is mobile, accessible and cost-effective.
The best people to judge me are clients and other professionals such as barristers who have worked closely with me. Please read my testimonials. I look forward to helping you and I am confident that you will be very satisfied when you come to judge my services for yourself.