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Our No Win No Fee Agreement means that you will not have to pay any professional fees to LawCall unless you win your case. You may still be liable to pay disbursements when they arise, however in many cases I can negotiate that these be paid by the insurer rather than by you.

In the usual circumstances of injury claims, a win occurs when we settle your matter and compensation is payable.

Settlement of your matter can only occur with your consent. Before I settle your matter you will know the costs that LawCall will charge, any other deductions from your settlement monies – such as Medicare or Centrelink repayments - and what you will receive in your pocket.

Why does LawCall offer No Win, No Fee?

Having practiced in injury law claims for over 30 years, I understand the stress and worry our clients go through after sustaining an injury or illness. You may be losing income or paying considerable medical expenses.

In many cases I can offer you our No Win No Fee agreement, which relieves you of further financial distress that could otherwise be caused by having to pay lawyers upfront for their time. I charge for our time at the end, after I have settled your matter. This hopefully enables you to focus your efforts on your recovery and other matters dear to your heart.

How much are LawCall’s fees?

I aim always to make our legal fees transparent, easily understood, fair and reasonable. Law firms charge on various bases. Some charge an hourly rate, and these rates may vary from firm to firm.

An hourly rate basis means that work is charged by how long it takes to do that work. The hourly rate may even be broken down into six-minute units. For example, an hourly rate of $400 equates to $40 for every six-minute unit.

LawCall does not charge at an hourly rate – we use the Supreme Court Scale. The Supreme Court Scale is the judge approved Scale of Costs. It only bases some of the items on how long it takes whereas other items have a predetermined rate not dependent on how long the task takes. 

I believe that charging on the Supreme Court Scale reduces the expense of the matter overall. At the end of the day, I want to give you the very best advice and service at an affordable cost. That way you will be a happy customer. You are more likely to refer family and friends, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped another person.