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How to get your employer to provide work to you, if you have a work injury? Your rights explained.

What are the obligations of an employer to provide employment to an injured worker? What is the mechanism by which an injured worker can force an employer to provide such employment? In a previous article, when talking about a worker’s... Read More

Have you been dismissed on medical grounds? Your rights explained.

These days, some jobs are hard to find, and accordingly it becomes important to hold on to a job. As a Workers Compensation and Employment Lawyer, I regularly come across clients, who have had their employment terminated, on medical grounds,... Read More

Bitten by a Dog??....A timely reminder of your rights

I read the other day, the statistics of dog attacks on humans. A 20% increase in 2016/17 alone - 391 hospital admissions! An alarming statistic. With the holiday season fast approaching, and with people being out more on leisure activities,... Read More

Slipped in a shop? Do you have a claim?

I saw a post on social media the other day relating to claim against the supermarket by someone who slipped in the supermarket. This post generated considerable comment, and reading the comments, it appeared that there were a few myths... Read More

Can I get a lump sum workers compensation payment?

Many people are aware, that if you hurt yourself at work, you will be covered for loss of income and payment of medical treatment expenses. They are less aware, that provisions exist for payment of lump sum compensation. This was... Read More

At what age should I make a Will?

To get an understanding as to when you should have a Will, I find it helpful to first explain, “What is a Will” and “Why you need a Will.” What is a Will? A will is a written document that... Read More

Why the spouse or partner of an injured person may also have a potential claim for damages

It may be readily understood, that a person injured in an accident, due to the negligence of another party, is likely to have a right to claim damages against the negligent other party. What is less often understood, are the... Read More

What to do if Workers' Compensation Claim rejected in Sth Aust

You lodged a claim for Workers ‘Compensation, and have now received a letter rejecting the claim. What do you do? The letter of rejection may have come from the Claims Agent, who currently in South Australia, are Gallagher Bassett and... Read More

Changing lawyers – things to know

From time to time, we get enquiries from potential clients who have an existing lawyer, but for one reason or another, want to change lawyers. Can they do this? How do they do this? What should you know? The legal... Read More

D-Day looming for many injured South Australian workers' on 1 July 2017

For many South Australian injured workers, their world will change on 1 July 2017. I want this article not only to be informative, but to encourage debate and discussion in society, and most importantly in the Halls of Parliament, where... Read More

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