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Bitten by a Dog??....A timely reminder of your rights

I read the other day, the statistics of dog attacks on humans. A 20% increase in 2016/17 alone - 391 hospital admissions! An alarming statistic. With the holiday season fast approaching, and with people being out more on leisure activities,... Read More

Slipped in a shop? Do you have a claim?

I saw a post on social media the other day relating to claim against the supermarket by someone who slipped in the supermarket. This post generated considerable comment, and reading the comments, it appeared that there were a few myths... Read More

Why the spouse or partner of an injured person may also have a potential claim for damages

It may be readily understood, that a person injured in an accident, due to the negligence of another party, is likely to have a right to claim damages against the negligent other party. What is less often understood, are the... Read More

12- point checklist in choosing your injury compensation lawyer

Let’s face it, unless you have had many dealings with lawyers, choose a lawyer may seem a daunting task. Choosing the correct lawyer, for your case is critical. Your compensation claim is likely to take many months (sometimes several years)... Read More

Is there a time limit for making an accident or injury claim?

All too often, accident compensation lawyers see a client several years after their accident or injury. The other day, I saw a lady injured because of an accident. She was unaware (like many people) of the time limits an injured... Read More

Do I need an accident lawyer?

Let’s face it, in today’s age, there is access to a wealth of information on the Internet with free downloadable forms. Some may think, why need a lawyer, as one can do it themselves, by research on the Internet and... Read More

What to do when injured at work?

At LawCall, I am often approached regarding workplace injuries and all too often a few little oversights by the injured individual can make gaining compensation harder than it needs to be.Good timing and prompt action count for a lot, especially... Read More

Liability for injury caused by a dog

There are plenty of reasons to keep your dog on a tight lead or restrained. Perhaps a muzzle might even be a good idea.Why?In South Australia the Cat and Dog Management Act stipulates that the owner of a dog is... Read More

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