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I am a Sole Practitioner, running a busy Workers’ Compensation Practice. In July I had a four-week holiday in Europe. On this occasion, I decided to engage Graeme Kirkham of LawCall, as a locum to look after my practice, whilst I was away.


Graeme attended the office three days a week, with full responsibilities of running a legal office including trust account receipts and cheques. He attended the Tribunal on a number of occasions and handled client’s queries. He responded to emails and correspondence and ran the file in a professional manner.


It was of great comfort having Graeme during my absence and this gave me a true opportunity to relax and enjoy my break with full confidence that my practice was in capable hands.


On my return, it was pleasing not to have to respond to a backlog of correspondence and emails, which can often be a stressful part when absent for such a period. I have been given positive feedback, from my PA, clients, and other professionals, who dealt with Graeme in my absence.


I was impressed with Graeme's attention to detail, and comprehensive file notes, so that it was easy for me to understand what had been done and what matters needed priority attention, on my return.


I highly recommend Graeme’s services, and look forward to use Graeme again, when the need arises.




Kathleen Chambers

Kathleen Chambers KC Lawyers

Graeme provided an external consultancy to our boutique personal injury firm for a period of six months, within our workers’ compensation field of practice.  He was a very good fit with our firm, both in regards to relationships with our clients and staff.  He has a wealth of knowledge, derived from decades of experience in both Victoria and South Australia.  He was able to quickly develop a rapport and working relationship with our clients, which was of great benefit to each client and the firm as a whole.


At the end of the consultancy Graeme provided a very detailed and carefully prepared handover of each file (delivered both verbally and in writing).  This made it very easy for a seamless transition of the files to occur from Graeme to a newly employed solicitor taking over the conduct of these files following the end of the consultancy.


Graeme has meticulous attention to detail, very good advocacy skills and high level of written communication.  I have no hesitation in recommending Graeme to other legal firms requiring the services of a highly experienced and skilled practitioner to cover a need similar to ours in their practice.


Roberto Clemente

C+F Lawyers.August 2017

Roberto Clemente C+F Lawyers

I write this testimonial for Graeme Kirkham who I’ve known for approximately 20 years in his capacity as a solicitor. I am a barrister of 36 years experience and for many years have acted both as Counsel and as Mediator in cases brought before the Supreme and County Courts.

I have been briefed as Counsel by Graeme in many cases over many years. He has a thorough and objective approach to his client’s case and can evaluate matters that are complex with serious questions of both fact and law. Graeme has instructed me in cases involving very serious injuries and very large awards of damages. These cases have arisen out of a variety of situations, requiring a quick and accurate comprehension of a situation and a thorough analysis of the various factors involved. Graeme has always presented as an extremely able and competent solicitor. His cases are thoroughly prepared and carefully thought out. He has a good knowledge of the various complexities that arise in litigation and therefore also in mediation. He has always provided thoughtful and confident advice to his clients. He is able to objectively assess various fact situations and apply that analysis to a sound knowledge of the law. Graeme consistently acted with enthusiasm and determination in pursuit of this clients’ interests. He is a strong negotiator and a passionate proponent of his clients’ interests, thereby maximising the most effective result for his client. At mediation he has been able to negotiate out many difficult cases resulting in a resolution at mediation according to the wishes of his client.

Graeme has an ability to communicate with his client and understands their needs and concerns. Importantly he takes time to ensure he appreciates what they are informing him, and then to provide them with clear, objective and sound advice. In this way he engenders trust in him and confidence in his advice. He is resolute in pursuit of his client’s interests.

John Constable

I was a solicitor in Bendigo, Victoria from 1978 to 1986, since when I have practiced as a barrister in Melbourne. I have known Graeme Kirkham since 1983 when he began work as a solicitor in Bendigo and thus knew him when he was a partner in his own firms in Bendigo and in Melbourne between 1986 and 2003. During this time he briefed me and I worked closely with him over many years.

He briefed me to appear on behalf of his clients at mediations, at which most cases settled out of court by negotiation, and at trial in those cases which hadn’t settled. His preparation was always very thorough indeed which gave his clients the best chance of achieving a favourable settlement at mediation or succeeding at trial. He always had his client’s best interests at heart, and I couldn’t fault his attention to detail or his dedication to his clients.

He was a good communicator who always made the time to listen to his clients concerns (many lawyers are not brilliant in this regard), but equally he was professional and gave firm advice when it was necessary and in his clients’ best interests.

His negotiating skills were good, indeed he was a tough negotiator, but equally and very importantly he was trusted not only by his clients but by lawyers who was opposed to without which he would not have achieved many of the favourable settlements he achieved for his clients. It is vitally important in the law to be trusted by the court and opposing practitioners, and I have never heard it suggested Graeme wasn’t trustworthy and honourable. He enjoyed the respect of his clients and others in the profession.

Michael Roche

I am a barrister of over 30 years experience and have acted as both counsel and as a mediator in litigated cases. I have known Graeme Kirkham in his capacity as solicitor for a number of years and it is with pleasure that I write this testimonial.

As a mediator in particular, my role is to try to facilitate a resolution of a case before trial. I have therefore seen many solicitors over the years and have observed their state of preparation and professional demeanour. One of the roles of a solicitor is to prepare a case for mediation and trial, which involves a considerable amount of work. Unfortunately not all solicitors prepare their cases as well is Graeme. I have always found Graeme thorough in the preparation of his client’s case with good attention to detail. This thoroughness has given his client’s the best chance of resolution at the best result.

Another role of a solicitor, is to present their client’s case at mediation before me as mediator and the opposing side. I have observed Graeme to present himself and his client’s case professionally, enthusiastically and making submissions with a sound knowledge of the fact of the case and law. I have found Graeme to be a strong negotiator and a passion and proponent of his clients’ interests, thereby again maximising the best possible outcome. Indeed there have been many difficult cases, where Graeme’s experience, knowledge, dedication and professionalism has contributed to a resolution at mediation, which in my experience, is what most clients want.

I’ve also observed Graeme’s ability to communicate well this client’s during the mediation process. He listens to what they have to say, yet provides them with clear and valuable advice. It appears to me that Graeme respects his client’s and they respect him and put their trust in him. I’ve always felt that Graeme’s clients are in very capable hands.

It is Graeme’s determination to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients with resulting persistence, that has led his peers in the legal profession nicknaming him “Killer Kirkham”, a worthy compliment.

Norman Fowler

Graeme Kirkham has been a successful legal practitioner in Victoria of many years standing. He has dealt with a large volume of highly responsible work, which has included the performance of general legal work, supervising and controlling complex legal cases and litigation, supervising legal staff and general office employees, and also controlling office administration.

He has brought clients problems to finality efficiently and promptly, and has never lost sight of the purpose at hand.

Underpinning the training of lawyer is the learning and practice of ethical standards. A legal system does not operate without rigorous adherence to these standards. I have observed an automatic application of an ethical approach by Graeme in his working and personal life. His compliance with ethical standards is second nature for him.

He has years of experience in dealing honestly and fairly with people and corporate entities, and often in stressful situations. Graeme has always possessed the ability to bring to a proper conclusion the purpose of his clients. Large scale transactions involving varying personalities would be typical elements of matters in which Graeme is well experienced, and in which he has a track record of success.

I have observed firsthand how Graeme has operated as a legal practitioner. The quality of his work is of a very high standard. He has also had input of great practical utility. Graeme also has the personal qualities of straightforward decency and loyalty.

Philip Jewell